Snow Daze

With the winter weather behaving as winter weather it is difficult to overcome excuse season as well.  Excuse season has legitimate excuses and non legitimate uses.  Due to reason of safety at times we all make the decision to not go out of our comfortable homes under the nice soft warm blankets engulfing us on the couch as we drink apple cider or hot coco.  While I applaud the decision for safety first I must encourage each practitioner (fancy word for student) to not use this as an opportunity to not train on your own.  It is a dangerous trail we tread allowing comfort zones and complacity to create new and different excuse for not practicing. Even with a passion for working out such as mine the longer I keep from training the easier it is to make up excuses to not train.  The end result is I look in the mirror at someone I am not proud of for allowing poor excuses keeping me from being the person I want to be. The end result is you must reaffirm your goals and the why you want to be better and then use that to fuel your drive to achieve your goals….if not there really is no excuse then is there? Point the finger at yourself and demand more, you can do it…I believe in you, do you?


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