The System is the Solution

I cannot tell you how many times I have heard that statement.  I can probably tell you how many times I have said it, though.  So what does this statement mean really?  As with any good Martial Arts answer, it means many things, so the answer is a resounding yes…

For starters, let’s look at the basic idea of movement.  If you maintain an active lifestyle, it has been proven — your longevity and quality of life not only improves but continues at a high level of health and overall satisfaction.  I believe it ties in with the old statement “If you haven’t got your health, you haven’t got anything.”  It has also been proven that once humans become sedentary, their life expectancy drops significantly… So just by running the system as a means of practice also promotes health and a better self-portrait in one’s psyche…

As with any endeavor, if it were easy everyone would be one.  For us it takes a minimum of 4 years for an adult to earn their Black Belt. During that time, there are physical demands and personal demands. Who has not had something difficult come along within almost any four-year span of time? But to continue with what you deem important and to maintain the overall “why” behind training creates a can-do attitude that can then be applied to every aspect of life — particularly with regard to goal setting, job prospects and long-term plans.  Through the avenue of working the system to achieve your goal of A Black Belt, you can thereby accomplish anything else, with the proper amount of learning, patience, persistence, dedication and focus.  No wonder businesses pick the Black Belt over the non-black belt during job consideration. They know they have a person who is dedicated and focused on their team when they hire them.

Martial Arts have been proven and suggested by doctors for people with ADD and anger issues.  The system teaches mental acuity and focus. Also, the physical repetition creates compassion between self and other that, coupled with the physical training, helps the student develop an overall calm, which has been noted amongst family and friends in students as a marked improvement.

I have witnessed bad attitudes come into class and leave all smiles and rainbows.  Through the system, people can clear their head and allow themselves to focus on difficult tasks in their daily life.  The system reduces stress not only in the body but mentally as well — and we all strive for that in a world as stressful as ours.

Through proper practice, students prepare themselves for successful outcomes in confrontation, which in turn creates self-confidence and awareness. This, coupled with mastery, develops an indomitable spirit — and who does not wish to have such a thing?

Is all of this true? The answer is yes, and it has been proven time and time and over and over and again and again … just remember Martial Arts – hundreds of thousands of people can’t be wrong.


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