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Posted in Uncategorized on September 26, 2011 by akkanorthland

It was an easy decision for me to make at joining AKKA Northland with Mr. Middleton. I had decided after watching a Black Belt ceremony that, that is what I am going to work towards. I thought to myself, “I want a Black Belt with my name on it!” None the less I realized I needed to get into shape and going to the gym just wasn’t going to work. Money wasn’t the problem nor was the working out part; the problem was working out by myself, it just doesn’t work. So why not gain knowledge, discipline, respect and still get to workout with others all in one trip, it seemed to be an easy and simple decision to join AKKA.

So far my journey of three months I have learned way more than words can be read on a page. I feel better about myself in terms of being healthier. Also I have improved on my balance, with the leg lifts on warm ups and just walking around, I feel more balanced. I know that I am only going to be graduating to a gold belt, but the atmosphere and diverse group of people have made it super exciting and fun. I had taken karate before but nothing could be more intriguing than Mr. Middleton’s class.

I would like to think of him as a perfectionist in his own way. He likes to pay close attention to the little details, always saying, “I would rather you do the move slow and correct than fast and sloppy.” It’s also a great feeling when you are doing your best and he is walking around and says, “Good! Yes!” no matter what rank you are. I like how Mr. Middleton is always involved, whether it is with outside the school activities or staying a few minutes late to get a few more things down. Never would I have expected with joining AKKA, all the time and hard work that everyone has to put into this. To be able to manage my time with work, school and Karate is teaching me to put things that I like on hold and focus on what is important in life. This is my first graduation ceremony so I’m looking forward tot he things that are to come in my future at AKKA Northland. T.M.